Message from our CEO

Rahul Kumar
Co-founder / CEO

An alumnus of IIM, Bangalore & NIT, Allahabad. Ex-scientist at DRDO

Passionate about education and technology

Message from our CEO

Life as we know is changing, we are learning to live in a different world. A world that is not only learning to live virtually but is also learning virtually. At “edurise INDIA” we are taking this as a challenge, a challenge which is driving us to create an integrated learning platform. A platform that will bring together the touch and feel of classroom learning as well as the accessibility and flexibility of online learning.

Our team has put together efforts in designing a system driven institution which will focus on each student individually. A system of learning through classrooms, videos, online classes, assignments, online and offline tests, and software-driven performance analysis. I invite you to join this revolution in learning by our team and become part of “edurise INDIA”.

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