5 Important Learning Tips That You Should Know About NCERT Book for NEET

5 Important Learning Tips That You Should Know About NCERT Book for NEET

A student preparing for NEET keep hearing one line “Read the NCERT textbooks and go thorough each line”. Indeed, this can’t be emphasised enough as far as the NEET exam is concerned. You might refer to all other books for the NEET(UG) examination but ensure that you are reading the NCERT books of class XI and XII. These are the most suggested books for NEET preparation. Though, when is about reading NCERT Textbooks, there are some important things to remember. It is not only about what you are reading in NCERT but also how you are reading. Here we have discussed some of the best ways to read NCERT books efficiently so that concepts easily as well as from the earliest. As the best NEET coaching institute in Patna our study material covers all important topics of NCERT, and our classroom program covers all NCERT topics.

  1. Read each line and comprehend that

First thing you should know is that reading NCERT books for NEET is entirely different from reading textbooks in class or schools. When you are studying for NEET exam, it is important that you read each line thoroughly and understand the meaning of it. Many questions in NEET exam are directly framed from NCERT Books (Textbook + Exemplar for class 11th & 12th). Also, the diagrams of NCERT books are important. They need to be read more thoroughly because all diagram-based questions are from NCERT books in NEET. NCERT books also have supplementary material at end of each book. Supplementary material is informative, and questions come from this as well.

  1. Make your own notes of important topics

While studying you should make it a point to highlight or note down the important points and concepts. You need to ensure that you go through all the points which are given in every chapter of the NCERT book. Do not ignore the illustrations and drawings in the book, as these will help you to understand the concepts clearly.

  1. Just reading Not Enough

The best way to highlight points and make note is to: first read the chapter, solve chapter wise NEET questions, and check your errors. As you will do this you will figure out important topics of chapters and chapter wise weightage. During your next reading highlights the terms, lines from which questions in NEET examination have come. Make notes selectively, this will help to concentrate on important points. If you face trouble to figure out what is MORE important for NEET exam, consult your teachers. As the best NEET coaching institute in Patna our study material covers all important topics of NCERT.

  1. Think how the examiner will be thinking

Always move from lower to a higher level or from simple to a tough question. You need to read NCERT books from the perspective of examiner. By doing this, you will be tuned with the frequency of question setters. In this case, you may use 4W, 1H method to study by adding why, how, what, hen, and where before any topic that you study. This is an efficient method to study.

  1. Practice MCQs which are based on NCERT books

After finishing all your reading and revisions of the NCERT textbooks you should also test your preparation level. Practice MCQs based on NCERT books as much as possible. For this, you can refer to our study material as well as NEET previous year question papers.

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