Be calm and focus on the examinations

Be calm and focus on the examinations

As the situation is improving and cases related to the pandemic are going down, hopefully all the pending competitive examinations will be conducted. JEE Main exam dates were announced yesterday and the dates for NEET (UG) will be announced shortly. Keeping this in mind students now need to plan their time properly till the examinations are over. There are certain points which they need to focus upon and plan their days accordingly.


  1. Set your goals, be realistic but confident -� The first step is to identify and set up your goals. Have a clear idea about what you want to achieve. Write it down somewhere so that it's visible to you. Be specific while writing. This will help you plan your actions such that you can achieve the results and your dreams.

  2. Get over the stress - Anxiety and stress is common before a month of examination. Stress will have a negative impact on� your concentration which affects your preparations. Meditation ,exercise , music etc. can be some of the stress busters.

  3. Plan your day, make a schedule and follow it - Planning is one of the most important factors to achieve good results. Plan your everyday study hours and follow it. Be practical while planning, any plan which is impractical will be difficult to execute. Plan time for solving one set of questions every day.

  4. Right guidance will help - Either its JEE or NEET or any other competitive exam, getting the right guidance is important. Your result depends on how well you�ve been trained. This process becomes simpler if you have the best teachers and guides who direct you in a proper way.

  5. Create your own space for study and avoid distractions - Make sure everything around you is organised. You should have enough space around you to keep your notes and textbooks. Also, you need to ensure that your sitting space is comfortable, there is enough lighting in your room, and there is nothing around you that might distract. When preparing for exams, you need to feel as comfortable as possible and avoid all distractions so that you can concentrate more on studying.

  6. Health is important - �You cannot afford to be unwell before the exam or on the day of the exam. When you are feeling well, you will be able to perform better in exams. Get enough sleep, drink water, and eat healthy food during this time.Allot some time of your day to exercising and meditating.


Do everything that will help you achieve your goal. You are about to appear for your exam in the near future. Make it your top priority and put all your efforts into studying.

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