Why Is It Necessary To Join IIT JEE Coaching For Main & Advanced Exams?

Why Is It Necessary To Join IIT JEE Coaching For Main & Advanced Exams?

Among the competitive examinations in India JEE MAIN and Advanced is one of the toughest both because of quality of questions asked as well as due to number of students who take the examination. These examinations are a gateway to the revered Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), along with other engineering colleges like NITs and IIITs. This national level entrance exam is held in two steps: JEE Main and JEE Advanced. Every year about a million students appear for these examinations after 10+2, and close to top 5% students are successful in securing a seat in reputed colleges.

JEE Main and Advanced examinations are tough and therefore students who want to crack it successfully, not only need to be intelligent and hard-working but also need to be guided properly. edurise INDIA, the best coaching institute for IIT-JEE in Patna helps to guide IIT aspirants to achieve their goal. For all those who want to prepare for the JEE entrance exam should join a JEE coaching institute. In this blog, we enlist the reasons to join an IIT-JEE coaching institute.


  1. Discipline

Discipline is an important aspect everywhere in life. In studies, it helps a student to be punctual and regular. Joining any JEE coaching institute offering a regular course requires you to attend all classes and tests regularly and punctually in a disciplined way. This gives a sense of direction to your preparations.

  1. Guidance

IIT-JEE coaching institutes such as edurise INDIA in Patna, the best coaching institute for IIT JEE have well-qualified and experienced teachers who help students in the preparation for the examination at every step. They explain all important topics and concepts to the students and guide them to solve problems. If a student is unable to understand a topic, the teachers try in every feasible way to help the student.

  1. Study material

Most of the coaching institutes provide structured study material to the students. Students can go through them and prepare for the entrance exam. Previous year question papers, new questions and revision notes are also if help students to revise the topics from time to time and closer to the examination

  1. Competition to give you the edge

At coaching institutes, you meet other students who are chasing the same goal. So, you are always in a competitive environment. You can analyse the knowledge of your peers, and this motivates you. Here, you get the taste of competition that you will be facing during the examination. 

  1. Mock Tests and practice in an examination like scenario

Clarity of concept and accuracy are the main attributes required to be successful in JEE examination. So, you need to get used to solving/attempting 75 questions in 180 minutes. Time management is something you will learn during practice test. edurise INDIA as one the best institute for IIT-JEE preparation have a well-defined and organised test series to support your preparation. You also need to practice the test in Online mode, most of the institutes provide this facility.


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