Transition to an integrated model of teaching & learning

Transition to an integrated model of teaching & learning

I do not want to start with a negative word, but the circumstances are such that my mind moves towards that. The buzz around online teaching is back because of whatever reason and so is the discussion on what is best for the students.

edurise INDIA from its inception is working as an integrated platform.When we say an integrated platform, it means we bring together the best of online and offline(physical) classes to provide the best to our students. As our focus remains on providing online and offline platforms to our students, our transitions during times when only online classes are allowed are smooth and glitch-free. It took us a day to start providing online live classes and recorded videos of those classes to our students. Students are adopting but obviously, it's not the easiest way for them to learn and understand. So how can we make it easier for them, the answer is by technology, proper communication, and training,

To achieve these things, we have planned our online sessions in a meticulous and detailed way. Our platform for online classes is designed to encourage two-way communication and promote teacher-student interaction.

We have smart interactive boards; the screen of these boards is directly shared with students so that they do not face any problem in accessing the content written by the teachers. Students are also encouraged to ask questions at any time in the classroom. Study material and assignments are shared every day with students using the dedicated app of edurise INDIA as well as with theGoogle Classroom app.

Remaining in constant touch with students is another important aspect during these times, to achieve that we keep calling and talking to them, keep sending them messages, and ask them to raise their doubts with teachers.

Tough times need a resilient approach and we encourage all our stakeholders including teachers, students, parents, and staff to be resilient and patient.

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