What Would Be the Strategy to Crack NEET in 1st Attempt?

What Would Be the Strategy to Crack NEET in 1st Attempt?

Any competitive examination in India is tough to get through, given the quality and quantity of students who appear in these examinations. To get through this examination in first attempt is tough and demanding. A student needs to plan, execute, and persist to achieve success. The student needs to be well informed and understand all the aspects from syllabus to question pattern to weightages for each chapter to be successful.

As one of the best NEET coaching in Patna, we at edurise India help our students in planning, executing, and getting all the required knowledge for achieving success in 1st attempt in NEET. There are certain points which we will list below, these points will help a student in achieving success.

  1. Set your goal and start working towards it. Since you have decided to crack the NEET examination in first attempt, think your first attempt as the only attempt left with you.
  2. A student must aspire to gain knowledge of the NEET syllabus and be well-aware with the pattern of NEET. It is important that candidates know everything related to the examination and create a plan in sync with the syllabus.
  3. There are different stages of learning, first is to listen to the lectures of your teachers with concentration and by paying attention to every detail in the class. Ask questions and clear all your doubts, talk to your teachers, and let them help you. Next is self-study, revise the topic that you have just learned in the classroom. Consult the standard textbooks along with NCERT to have a comprehensive understanding of the concepts. Recall everything you have learned during the day before going to bed. If you have a group of friends preparing for the NEET, you can discuss the topic and gain an in-depth understanding.
  4. Make notes which are conceptually right and appropriate. There are a lot of online/offline resources available but don’t fall for everything. Follow up one book (apart from the NCERT textbooks) which you find has the most appropriate and balanced study material. Highlight the books well while studying, use sticky notes and write short notes on it wherever necessary while highlight the important points. As the best medical coaching in Patna edurise INDIA study material also supports this requirement in a balanced manner.
  5. Most of the questions in the NEET are directly from the NCERT textbooks or are based on the concepts in NCERT books. No other reference or supplementary material can beat importance of NCERT book. You can read a topic which you don’t understand from the reference book but skipping any topic from the NCERT textbook is not advisable. More than 90% of questions in the NEET paper till now are from concepts in NCERT book.

Figure out your strengths and weaknesses and work on your strengths while overcoming your weaknesses in each subject and topic. Biology needs to be your strength as 50% of the weightage is from Biology. Practising previous year papers and sample papers is something that adds to a student’s preparation. There is no stage at which solving papers is suggested. If done at the time while learning chapters, solving questions serves as an eye-opener. Any NEET coaching in Patna will be helping students in this regard by taking tests on regular frequency.

Lastly you need to remain motivated, it’s a long and tough journey during which a student need to focus and save him/herself from other distractions. 

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