Way to Put NEET and Board Examination at an Equal Time

Way to Put  NEET and Board Examination at an Equal Time

The question should be if the syllabus for Boards and NEET is same, why a student can’t prepare for Boards and NEET at the same time? To start there are slight differences between the syllabus (CBSE has announced reduction of syllabus, while there is no information from NTA in this regard), but the major difference is NEET is based on both class 11 and Class 12 syllabus while 12th Board examination is based on class12 syllabus only.

To prepare simultaneously for NEET and Board a student needs to plan while starting his/her preparation for NEET. A student needs to develop a time plan-based strategy to prepare. If a student is consistent and utilize his/her time effectively its very easy to prepare for both the examinations. In class 12th a student’s focus automatically shifts towards boards and a student’s determination to crack NEET somehow recedes but proper planning of study hours can ensure that a student gives equal attention to all areas. As the best NEET coaching in Patna, we have this planned out in our lecture and test schedule.

There are some points which a student needs to keep in mind

  1. As the examination is planned from mid-February, student should try to complete revision of class 11th syllabus by December and focus on only 12th syllabus after that. NEET coaching institute in Patna also plan completion of syllabus like that.
  2. A student will need to give extra time to solve class 12 question in descriptive formats. Also practice the previous year questions asked in class12th board examination. Similarly, the student should practice MCQs asked in class12th examination in earlier years. As part of our study material, we do provide a set of questions for board preparation.
  3. Pre boards are important, but their marks are not as important. So, till that time also keep class 11th in your study plan.
  4. In this way you have your 11th and 12th parallel but still you need to spend some more time with 12th for NEET. So
  5. After pre boards solve only board level questions (previous years questions give sufficient practice for board examinations) and appear for boards.
  6. Once the board examinations are over, start solving previous year question papers. Solve chapter wise questions to revise all the concepts.
  7. Appear for board mock tests to get enough practice for class 12th board examination. As the best NEET coaching in Patna, edurise INDIA organise these tests for all its students.

Once board examinations are over again focus on 11th and 12th syllabus without wasting any time. Start appearing for tests and work on missing concepts.

If you remain consistent and focused, you will be able to manage both. Success in NEET along with boards will be a major achievement if you can pull it off.

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