What should your Preparation Strategy be for JEE Main?

What should your Preparation Strategy be for JEE Main?

Are you also a JEE aspirant? Then you better be prepared to outshine lakhs of students from every corner of the country. It’s not just about the vast syllabus and the difficulty of question paper; it is also the cut-throat competition. That’s why only mugging up the syllabus won’t work. As the saying goes, sometimes we need to work smarter than harder! No wonder the top NEET coaching in Patna focuses on proven study materials and the best learning strategies. Read more about the best preparation strategies you should try for JEE Main.

Top 5 JEE Main preparation strategies

  • Go through the syllabus and question paper pattern

It is a mistake to shortcut without being familiar with the JEE Main syllabus. You can learn a lot about the key chapters and subjects you should pay attention to, the goals of the authors and question writers, and many other important topics simply by having a thorough syllabus overview.

  • Stick to a timetable

Never measure how many hours you spend studying. Make a well-planned timetable for each subject or topic based on how much syllabus you have covered. A minimum of 4-6 hours of study should be enough.

  • Refer to the suitable study materials

The secret to acing the exam is to concentrate on the right resources. The NCERT books are the most crucial study resources, along with study materials provided by top IIT JEE coaching in Patna, like Edurise, which streamlines your preparation. 

  • Practice mock tests

The mock tests are MCQ based, which helps students practice and become comfortable with the exam style and difficulty level. They also help identify the areas you are lagging and need improvement.

  • Solve previous question papers

By practising the questions from past test papers, students may quickly adapt to the question paper pattern and types of questions. 


Things to avoid during preparation

  • Excessive use of social media/TV/games: Let’s face it, these things kill a lot of time. Since there is a vast syllabus to cover and concentrate on, try to avoid such distractions.
  • Referring to too many books without expert guidance: The students need to cut back on their excessive book references and should only study from those recommended by top NEET coaching in Patna.
  • Overthinking: Don’t feel hopeless or depressed because of your last mock test scores. Mock tests are just here to give you an idea of your progress, and if you have scored low, take it as a lesson and pull up your socks to improve next time.
  • Procrastination: Having a fixed daily schedule helps a lot. Thus, try not to procrastinate, stay focused, and follow the timetable as much as possible. 


JEE Main might seem tricky to crack. But with the right preparation strategies, you can increase your chances of ranking high. At Edurise, we emerge as your helping hand, providing you with expert-recommended study materials, video lectures, live classes, etc. Our classroom programs and test series are formulated to make learning easier and more effective. Enrol today in the best IIT JEE coaching in Patna to pave your way to success!

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