Strategies to Solve IIT JEE Questions Quickly and Easily

Strategies to Solve IIT JEE Questions Quickly and Easily

In order to secure the highest scores in entrance examinations such as IIT JEE, etc., candidates need to solve a number of questions within a specified time. Well, developing such a skill takes practice and hard work. While the best jee coaching in Patna can be an excellent way to gain those skills, there are some other useful tips that can help you here. Let’s take a look at them!

Remember the Formulas

Whether you are solving questions related to chemistry, physics or maths, you will need to use specific formulas. Experts suggest spending more time revising complex formulas. You can write down those formulas in a notepad and carry them wherever you go as that’ll help you memorize them whenever you get free time. 

Set a Time Limit For Every Question

You should skip a question if you are unsure about its answer. Don’t spend much time on that question, or else you will not get sufficient time to solve other questions. Try to solve a question within 45 to 60s seconds. 

Practice As Many Questions As You Can Regularly

Solve as many IIT JEE questions as possible during the practice sessions. Take advantage of IIT JEE mock tests. The best jee coaching in Patna allows students to practice unlimited mock tests online. That also helps students to understand their performance in different subjects. 

Learn Effective Shortcuts to Solve Lengthy Questions

When you enroll in the best IIT JEE coaching in Patna, you will learn some legit shortcuts from the teachers that will assist you in solving lengthy problems quickly. The faculty has been teaching the same syllabus to students for years, and they know the best ways to tackle different questions faster. So, take note of all such information and use it in your IIT JEE exam.


Covering more questions is crucial to score well in your exam, and the best IIT JEE coaching in Patna, offered by Edurise, can help you with that. The expert faculty will teach you the tips and tricks to help you solve more questions within the given time and pass these challenging competitive exams with flying colors. Join now!

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